Consumer Billing

Human shaped billing

Present clear, easily understood bills with targeted, personalized communications to every subscriber.

With Brite:Bill you can improve customer engagement and positively affect customer behavior through this one key regular touch-point, the bill.

Brite:Bill replaces legacy, dull, dreaded bills with modern, personalized communications with targeted messages, transforming the way Service Providers present billing communications to customers.

  • Reduce costly bill related queries to call centers
  • Improve customer experience
  • Avoid churn due to bad billing experience
  • Use bills to market new products & services

Product Features

  • Personalization engine: Deliver targeted marketing messages for up sell / cross sell opportunities
  • Multi-channel bill presentation: Deliver improved billing across paper, mobile, and responsive web
  • Dynamic bill presentation design: Customer-centric design principles applied to bill presentation for optimum end user experience
  • Automated Notification system: Trigger automated notifications to the customer e.g. Overuse on their data plan
  • Integration into existing self-care application: Seamless access to billing and account details
  • Consolidate billing data from various billing systems: Present unified information on one bill under one brand
  • Catering for first bill, pro-ration and out of bundle explanations: Clearer, simplified communications to prevent frequently occurring issues and queries

Brite:Bill transforms cold "notifications" and demands for payment into customer centric & engaging "communications"

Benefits to Service Provider

  • Reduce bill-related call center queries and query resolution time
  • Reduce correspondence costs
  • Improve online self-care adoption
  • Increase uptake of additional products and services
  • Boost loyalty and reduce churn

Benefits to End Customer

  • Clearer communications
  • Personalized customer experience with relevant and useful information
  • Improved insight/control into account behavior
  • Engaging, interactive reporting tools
  • Access anywhere, anytime
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No other solution creates such positive billing interactions with customers, pre-empting questions, tackling issues and highlighting appropriate and personalized new services.