Tips good onboarding

We recently wrote about how the onboarding phase is a crucial time that, if you don’t get right, can leave many customers impatient, irritated and confused with a negative first impression.

The majority of the problems seen in onboarding are caused by a lack of integration and incoherent processes, but there are some crucial steps that service providers can take to overcome this and create a positive first customer’s experience:

  • Take consistency seriously. No service component or step must be neglected; if there is one failing, this will be what the customer remembers.
  • Ensure seamless sharing of data between departments and systems. This is the only way of understanding the customer’s profile, requirements and where they are in the onboarding process – and ensuring that communication is relevant, helpful and timely.
  • Keep your word. Don’t overcommit and ensure you deliver on all promises made during the sales process.
  • Keep the customer informed. But do not overload him with unnecessary detail, as every customer interaction should be well thought out and connected. This could be from pricing structures displayed on the website to simple online sign-up forms to welcome messages.
  • Make bills easy to understand. With all charges clearly explained, and any partial or extra charges highlighted. The best bills help customers understand the value they are receiving.
  • Continuity is important. The bill – and all other communications – must be aligned with brand image, aesthetics and tone of voice. The customer wants to feel valued, so make sure you keep the communication personal.
  • Everyone appreciates helpful advice. Customers want to know how to save money by switching to a more suitable price plan, or how to sign up for additional benefits. These tips can easily be included on the monthly bill.
  • Show the customer you continue to care. Perhaps with a 90-day check to make sure you’re still living up to those expectations you created during the acquisition phase.

Following these simple, yet often overlooked steps can enable service providers to keep reviewing and improving their processes. After all, a successful onboarding phase will establish lasting customer confidence – and this can lead to a long, positive and very profitable relationship.