In an era where customers can influence whether a brand succeeds or not, it’s important to pay extra special attention to how you’re interacting and communicating your customers. An area where this is sorely lacking for service providers is—billing.

In fact, 4.6 million UK citizens believe there is more chance of aliens living amongst us than receiving a customer friendly bill from their Service Provider. Wow! The sad truth is bills are often dull, impersonal, unclear and confusing and leave customers frustrated.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a great opportunity for providers to dramatically improve billing communications and show customers more love. At BriteBill, our whole mission is to entirely transform billing communications into customer-centric, engaging communications that are personalised for each and every customer. With the BriteBill platform, you can create customer communications that are clear, easier to understand and radically improve the customer experience.

Here are three things better billing communications can do to keep your relationship with customers going strong.

Send them Valentines. Ok, not literally, but if you think of it in these terms perhaps you’ll realise no one wants to get a bill that is overloaded with jargon and not easy to understand. We can help you create transparency in your communications so your bills present information in a meaningful, visually appealing way based on what the customer is interested in knowing, including suggestions for how they can utilise your services better and save money.

Be Trustworthy. It’s truly important these days to say what you mean and do it, too. Follow through can be a relationship deal breaker as can making claims to customers during the selling process and charging them differently on their bills. That’s no way to build trust and keep customers loyal. There are lots of options for customers to go elsewhere. Do you really want your bills to be the reason your customers walk away from you?

Put in Some Effort. To delight your customers and keep them happy and engaged, you have to stay on top of things that could bubble up and become major issues. Being successful at this means you need the right solution to enable you to have visibility to identify potential issues and take care of problems before your customers become aware of them. This will help you build a strong relationship—one where your customers know they can rely on you and get the support and information they need when they need it.

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