Problems with onboarding

The first 90 days of a customer relationship are extremely important, so you have to get service right from day one.

An excited new customer has just joined, and what happens during the first few weeks can easily set the tone for the future and make or break the relationship.

Unfortunately, there are many things that can – and do – go wrong during this onboarding phase, and here are five of the most common, which may be resulting in your own onboarding failure:

  1. Hiccups and frustrations: Among the biggest headaches for many new customers are home installations or hiccups with service activation. DIY is not for everyone and having to set up equipment by themselves with little handholding or support from their provider frustrates many new customers.
  1. Poor communication: Once the customer has decided to commit, it can easily feel like the service provider has lost interest when the tone of voice changes distinctly from friendly customer acquisition to more formal, billing communications.
  1. Lack of integration: Some customers receive disparate notifications from a variety of systems or platforms, due to a lack of integration, and these messages may be out of sync with the onboarding process and arrive after an event. Worse still, they may be standardized templates that have little to do with the customer’s personal profile.
  1. First bill shock: All of these disconnected communications cause understandable frustration and leave a negative first impression. But, the crunch point is often the first bill, which can deliver some unwelcome surprises, from unexpected one-off charges to badly explained pro-ration.
  1. Frustrating your new customers: Not keeping customers happy will almost certainly start the relationship off on the wrong foot, as will over-promising and not delivering. It sounds simple, but if a customer can get exactly what they purchased via a smooth and frustration-free onboarding experience, then their goal has been achieved and they will in turn, be a happy customer.

The success of a customer’s experience is key to keeping them as a loyal user, so ensure you meet their needs by making the entire process, from sales enquiry to the first bill an easy and personal process.