Are your bills still artifacts from the 1990s that are difficult to understand and result in costly calls to care? At BriteBill, we believe that the bill holds the power to enrich communications, reduce costs and drive customer loyalty. As part of our continuing effort to transform the way service providers present and manage communications, we recently released BriteBill Consumer Platform 6.0. This major release delivers key innovations such as A/B Testing, Workflow Management and Email Billing.

A/B Testing

How messages are worded within your bills have a direct effect on end user behavior. For example, let’s assume that you want to upsell a new feature and are using the bill as a promotional vehicle. Our easy-to-use A/B Testing functionality allows you to quickly and effortlessly trial different messages to determine which tone of voice delivers the best uptake. By comparing the effectiveness of message A with message B on a test group of end users, you’ll be able to accurately identify the most engaging message.

Workflow Management

The costly process of billing falls squarely on the shoulders of your billing operations team. What if you could simplify how billing workflows are managed in the BriteBill Billing Operations Dashboard? Our new functionality gives your billing operations team the ability to configure, monitor and control all of their workflows – even custom workflows – from a single dashboard. For instance, billing operations users can now pre-approve, manually approve and reject bill runs, and oversee other jobs that do not require manual intervention such as reprints.

Email Billing

Your customers not only expect personalized communications, but want a choice in how they receive their bills. Our newly released email billing functionality allows you to extend the dynamic personalization you’re already providing to digital bills. Customers that prefer bills delivered via email will now receive an easy-to-understand message that details unusual charges. For more detail on abnormal charges, end users simple click on an embedded button. By proactively giving customers access to billing details, you’ll be able to boost customer loyalty and reduce calls to care.

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