Adrian Baschnonga is Senior Global Telecommunications Analyst at EY.

At Brite:Bill’s recent workshop in London’s Tech City, Adrian presented highlights from a series of customer research studies undertaken by EY that looked at how effective communications have an impact on customer understanding of service offerings, tariffs and uptake of new services.

In this short excerpt from Adrian’s presentation he highlights the lack of understanding of mobile data tariffs. In several markets surveyed a majority of customers claimed not to understand their data tariffs – and understanding is critical to unlocking new service adoption.

Better understanding of service benefits and improved communication around customer usage of services, will result in increased adoption according to the research findings outlined in Adrian’s presentation. This is especially pronounced in mobile payments and other ‘next gen’ services, likely to be critical to revenue generation by operators in the future. Current value propositions are simply not clear enough to customers.

“The ability to understand, interpret and trust bills,” according to Adrian, “seems to be absent… and that has come out particularly strongly in our mobile survey.”