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Dublin, Ireland & MWC’15, Barcelona, Spain, March 2, 2015 Brite:Bill announces the latest release of its billing communications platform. The new release delivers unparalleled new features and enhancements enabling radical new bill presentation with contextual personalization at the customer level, enhanced reporting and analytics for business customers, and an improved operational dashboard for billing operations at CSP level. Customers deploying on the Brite:Bill platform include Sprint, Vodafone and a leading Canadian Operator.


Contextual Personalization:

The new release advances bill personalization combining factual data, such as how long the customer has been with the service provider and what products and services they subscribe to, with behavioral data, such as usage details, enabling the service provider to create targeted messaging, specific to each and every customer. The data can be retrieved dynamically from different systems to trigger decisioning and personalization rules. Operators can set different rules for different channels (Print, Web, Mobile) to deliver personalized messages e.g. if a customer goes over their data plan or is coming near the end of their contract. With Brite:Bill, operators can now engage with customers in a whole new way: pre-empting questions, tackling issues and highlighting appropriate and new services through personalized, persuasive content.  The end billing communications are visually compelling, clear and easy to understand, greatly improving user experience and customer satisfaction.

Unified Bill Presentation:

Consolidated billing data from various billing systems: CSPs can present unified information on one bill under one brand. The product has features to allow for the retrieval and mapping of XML, PDF, AFP, ASCII delimited and other document formats from billing systems with little or no custom development.

Reporting & Analytics:

Business customers can now produce dynamic reports through an improved report builder to build and share roles based reports for specific users or departments e.g by cost center rather than department. The display of billing data reflects the departmental hierarchy and permissioned users can run reports and perform call record analysis on the data to gain the insights they need.

Billing Operations Dashboard:

Brite:Bill’s enhanced platform provides a comprehensive dashboard for the monitoring and management of bill runs. It provides the tools and analytics to billing operations and other stakeholders, such as finance and IT, to preview bill run status prior to approval of the bill run for release with a roles based analytics toolset to preview and check bills before approval. The updated dashboard combines enhanced usability and improved operational efficiencies with the added advantage of providing revenue assurance; Brite:Bill verifies data with in-house billing systems and can now tally information across multi-vendor and multi-technology systems, ensuring that bills are fully validated for total expenditure, as well as for all components of the full invoice.

CSR-Facing Call Center dashboard:

Customer Service Reps (CSRs) can quickly access and use information when talking to a customer on the phone. The CSRs can easily see what the customer sees and so can help instantaneously.

Cloud or On-Premise:

Can be deployed within the Enterprise on any standard hardware and operating systems, can also be deployed on a managed cloud basis.

Omni Channel:

Multi-channel bill persentation to deliver improved billing across paper, mobile, and responsive web. New enhancements offer a smoother and richer customer experience on any display size from smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Alan Coleman, Brite:Bill’s CEO commented, “With Brite:Bill, Mobile Operators can look beyond bills as just cold notifications or demands for payment and transform them into customer centric, personalized and engaging communications that improve customer experience, lower costly calls to care and create a whole new channel to promote new products and services. All with the analytics to manage and measure effectiveness.”

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About Brite:Bill:

Brite:Bill transforms the way service providers present and manage billing communications. Cold notifications and demands for payment are transformed into customer centric and engaging communications. With the Brite:Bill platform, service providers can improve customer interactions by pre-empting questions, tackling issues and highlighting appropriate and new services through personalized, targeted messages and persuasive content. Business customers get the insights they need through tailored analytics and customizable dashboards to easily understand costs and service usage through beautifully rendered, easily understood graphs, tables and alerts. Improved billing means less costly bill-related helpline calls, less customer churn and boosts long-term loyalty. Brite:Bill is an innovative and unique solution used by tier one telecom operators around the globe. Brite:Bill was named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner Inc. for 2014 and won ISA “Emerging Company of the Year”. Founded in 2010, Brite:Bill is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has offices in London, Madrid, Shanghai and San Francisco.

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