We surveyed over 3,200 mobile phone users to explore consumer perceptions of telecoms billing. Findings indicated that billing in the telecoms sector remains a prime cause of customer complaints, enquiries and churn, with many consumers finding their bills difficult to understand.

As communications service providers (CSPs) turn to the customer experience as the key differentiator in a hyper-competitive market, this new study reveals a huge gap between fast-changing customer expectations and the billing reality. It points to the fact that communication services providers are missing an opportunity to use bills more strategically. This is especially true for Generation Z (the current generation of 16-22 year olds), who have high expectations and are particularly receptive to change.

The study finds that Generation Z customers need more personalized, interactive and engaging communications. We spoke directly to some Generation Z customers who shared their experiences of bill shock, poor customer service, bill boredom and confusion. This demonstrates that communications service providers (CSPs) really need to do more to meet the needs of this audience.

Introducing Generation Z

The research paper is essential reading for billing managers and BSS staff, and for anyone looking to improve and create a better customer experience.  As communications service providers (CSPs) evolve into digital service providers (DSPs), the bill too is transforming into a digital communication tool. The downloadable whitepaper written by Omnisperience, a provider of research for digital business is focused on how digital service providers (DSPs), can transform their billing experience to meet the needs of digital customers.

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