Brite:Bill is delighted to be sponsoring and speaking at the upcoming CEM in Telecoms North America, taking place 25th-27th October, 2016 in Atlanta.

Join us along with 100+ of your peers from leading industry telcos such as Comcast, Cox Communications, T-Mobile, Orange and more, and learn how to digitally transform your organization and generate a culture of enterprise-wide continuous CEM improvement.

Hear Brite:Bill’s Aaron Fullen present on Wednesday, 26th October at 12:50pm:

Aaron Fullen, Global Head of Sales, Brite:Bill

Aaron Fullen, Global Head of Sales, Brite:Bill

“It’s no secret that poor customer communication is one of the main causes of dissatisfaction and churn. From bad bills and impersonal emails to dull and disappointing digital experiences. As customer experience professionals take charge of smoothing out ‘bumpy’ experiences on the customer journey, how can they ensure that customer communications deliver their brand experience promise?”

  • Unlocking the power of your billing data as part of an overall CEM strategy
  • Transforming your most-read communications into personalized, engaging interactions that cut costs, improve satisfaction and drive revenue
  • Simplifying customer communications and making them easier to understand to triage issues
  • Framing the conversation with the right tone of voice and brand personality
  • Conversing with customers like you know, and care, about them

The event is shaping up to be the premier meeting place for customer experience leaders to connect and shape the future of the telecoms industry.

We hope to see you there!