Customer attention is gold in our age of information overload. And especially with the 5G era now upon us, communications service providers cannot afford to ignore any opportunity to capture or maintain this attention. After all, it directly impacts revenue and whether it will be won or lost.

While there are many ways to capture customer attention, for most service providers, the bill is not an intuitive choice. Yet increasingly, leading global service providers have been using specifically this medium in recent years to create a new, engaging communications channel with their customers.

Since the beginning of the latest wave of digital transformations (which began several years before the 5G era), Amdocs has been closely tracking the effect on customer experience demands. It has allowed us to develop a solid understanding of the types of engaging digital experiences service providers need to create to satisfy their customers during every interaction and on every touch point.

We understand that deploying IT platforms that deliver fantastic experiences can require significant resource investments and lengthy, complex projects. This complexity comes from the need to extract customer data from a multitude of legacy systems and present it to the customer in a relevant, personalized and easy-to-consume way, while also reflecting the service provider’s distinctive brand.

Configurable capabilities out of the box

To deliver these experiences, service providers are demanding a wide range of out-of-the-box (OOB) capabilities they can easily configure to reflect their product offering and, as mentioned above, align with their branding and style. They expect to list their own product names, summarize charges according to their preferred product lines, display their logos, use their own colors and font styles, as well as enable their customers to interact with buttons, tabs and hyperlinks to control, for example, the volume of details displayed to them

They also demand friendly dashboards that allow them to oversee bill runs, manage internal users, as well as ensure the right personalization messages are being displayed automatically to applicable customers only. Another important feature is single sign-on (SSO), which ensures simplicity for logging into their presentment app within their IT ecosystem. Furthermore, they expect all of this to be readily available for use on both paper and digital bills, with a consistent experience.

Engaging digital experience

Ultimately, service providers expect to be able to provide their customers with a true digital experience that goes well beyond the capabilities of an electronic bill in the form of a PDF attachment. This includes reactive HTML bills that adapt to any device type or screen size, with choices for presenting the bill summary, detailed charges, usage and marketing details.

When it comes to choosing a vendor, service providers expect extensive telecoms billing domain expertise. They want to place their trust in a company that has the expertise to deliver a customer-centric bill design that enables their customers to easily find the information they want without feeling the need to call the call center.

On the bill itself, they want to provide rich, engaging content, like pictures and videos that show important service changes and, more importantly, the ability to upselling a new product. For example, on a future 5G bill a 3D VR Shopping customer could view a simulation about what the latest pair of jeans would look like on them – based on input directly taken from the 3D VR Shopping service.

Fast time to market

Time too is of the essence. Service providers want a bill presentment tool that can be delivered quickly – with the ability to accelerate and simplify the deployment process through the use of OOB bill templates and capabilities. This also includes having the choice of mapping their own data and business logic from billers and other input systems to the bill presentment system format, which enables automatic and dynamic personalization of the bills. However, they also want to know that they can outsource this effort if they prefer to focus their attention on their core business.

Start small… add more capabilities later

Service providers who are moving the billing experience up their priority list expect to have the option to start small with an OOB solution that immediately delivers customer value, and the ability to add more capabilities later, tailored to their customers’ needs. They want to be able to improve their customers’ billing experience while they spread out the cost of their investment and minimize its risk.

We created BriteBill Spark to do exactly this. The same great BriteBill experience, for less.

BriteBill is now part of the Amdocs RevenueONE monetization solution, alongside the industry’s leading 5G-ready charging system, an agile business driven catalog, and a powerful real time billing engine. BriteBill billing experience further empowers operators to break the boundaries between communications, media and the connected life and afford them massive potential for growth, while delivering exceptional customer experience.

Find out more about how Amdocs BriteBill creates a better billing experience and improves customer loyalty, reduces costly calls to care and increases Net Promoter Score (NPS).