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BriteBill 6.2. brings advanced personalized, visual information presentment capabilities to the market supported by enhanced operational efficiency.

In our age of information overload, exacerbated by the “remote living effect” of the pandemic situation, effective digital customer engagement tools play a role of paramount importance. Consumers only want to see information relevant to them personally that they can easily consume. Service providers in turn need efficient tools that can deliver a meticulously personalized experience cost-effectively. BriteBill 6.2 brings advanced personalized, visual information presentment capabilities to the market supported by enhanced operational efficiency. A win – win constellation of capabilities.

Hierarchical Messages

Family plans (also for the wider family) as well as group plans for businesses are ever more popular. Having visibility of which individual plan members drive the bill up is now important.

BriteBill 6.2 brings to the market the Hierarchical Messages capability that allows the service provider to highlight high-relevance transactions of individuals on the group plan in the bill summary and in notifications.

For a family plan, if the roaming charges of dad or the new video games of the teenage son starts to drive the bill beyond expectations, a notification can now be displayed automatically to the credit card holder.
A similar notification can be shown to the Finance department if the volume of expensive international calls made by John from the Sales department is suddenly driving the bill too high.

Individual activity of interest becomes thus visible early so that action can be taken on expensive unexpected behavior changes in the home or business.

Video in the Bill

If a picture speaks 1000 words, how many words does a video speak?? Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text (Forbes). The far superior capability of a video to transmit action, expression, emotion, through visuals, sounds and voices is undisputed.

The Video in the Bill capability of BriteBill 6.2 brings to a new level the customer engagement power of the bill by allowing videos to be played inside the digital bill. Thus, when new services, policy changes and announcements or cost-saving opportunities become available, the customer can be informed through a video directly in their digital bill. Also, why not show the trailer of the latest movie available to a customer of a streaming service directly in their bill?

While digital bills are the future for their many benefits, paper and PDF billing customers are not left behind either. For them a link is shown that they can then view in a browser.

Component History Report

Service providers need to manage thousands of content components (like messages, pictures, videos, facts, rules (aka decisions)) for the personalization of the bill. When a component is not displayed as intended, it can be very time consuming to find out why.

Typically, components are not displayed properly when multiple projects run in parallel, with several people making changes to the same components. Issues maybe caught during an audit process weeks later. Finding the root cause of issues without clear visibility of the chain of changes to the component is then time-consuming.

The new Component History Report lists all the changes that were done to the component during its lifetime. This increased transparency accelerates the troubleshooting process, allowing for service providers to pinpoint quickly which edit or modification of the component is the culprit, bringing speed and efficiency to billing operations.

Bulk Invoice Download

When changes are made to service terms it is critical that the information sent to customers is 100% accurate. The Bulk Invoice Download feature speeds up the quality assurance process in two ways.

For example, when communicating a rate change to the customers of a popular internet service, the QA team would run an audit with a sample of say 500 hundred customers. The objective is to make sure that the new rates communicated are correct, to avoid loss of revenue due to delays and customer frustration due to inaccurate overcharges.

Firstly, this operation can now be done by simply providing the list of the 500 account numbers to BriteBill 6.2 and getting back the 500 corresponding bills to review. Much faster than having to download each of the 500 bills one-by-one!

Second, Bulk Invoice Download can be run before the bill ingest completes – so it allows the QA process to start earlier. Any bills that have been already processed from the list are made available and the ones that are not ready yet are reported back in a list that can be used to get the rest of the bills later. 

The above are just a part of the new feature released in BriteBill 6.2. Other benefits of this release include a more modular architecture that speeds up deployments, more secure password management and automated image format conversion for the paper bills.

BriteBill is now part of the Amdocs RevenueONE monetization solution, alongside the industry’s leading 5G-ready charging system, an agile business driven catalog, and a powerful real time billing engine. BriteBill billing experience further empowers operators to break the boundaries between communications, media and the connected life and afford them massive potential for growth, while delivering exceptional customer experience.

Find out more about how Amdocs BriteBill creates a better billing experience and improves customer loyalty, reduces costly calls to care and increases Net Promoter Score (NPS).