White Paper

A new White Paper from Brite:Bill has been published based on original survey research among CSPs and mobile users.

The report confirms that for a very large number of CSPs servicing billing related calls represents a considerable cost burden and that, for consumers, there is a clear limit to how many negative billing experiences they are willing to tolerate before considering a different provider.

Two thirds of CSP respondents in our survey indicated that internal systems are in some way inadequate to answer account related call queries and 1 in every 5 CSP respondents indicated that they use proactive outbound calling to mitigate billing related issues. In short CSPs absorb the cost rather than allow user frustrations to continue.

The survey also revealed that many customers don’t really know whether their cellular provider really knows anything about them. According to the report, “From the consumer perspective poor billing experience results in annoyance at best and churn at worst.”

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