Bad Bills kill good relationships

It can sometimes feel like the “love” that is shown to customers, through cool marketing campaigns, money saving price plans, innovative products and services simply ends when the bill lands – a cold, poorly constructed demand for payment.

The heart of the matter is that bills have a bad reputation.  Bad reputations are built on bad experiences, and for consumers, especially mobile phone subscribers, bills are often dull, impersonal, unclear and confusing – it’s no wonder customers leave their service providers!   Few service providers have figured out that things could be so much better… because, frankly, billing can be better. After all, billing is an essential part of the customer journey and the one regular communication that service providers have with their customers.  When they are wrong, customers get upset. When they are confusing or don’t reflect what the customer expected, they convey a poor impression of the people and companies that send them and leave customers with the feeling that “this is not what I signed up to”…in short bad bills kill good relationships.

At Brite:Bill, we can change that.  We work with service providers to transform billing communications into customer-centric, engaging communications that are personalised for each and every customer.  Brite:Bill gives you the ability to talk to customers in a more meaningful way. Our expert team helps you shape what to say, how to say it, and where to place key targeted messages and persuasive content. Together, we make customer communications that are clear, easier to understand and radically improve the customer experience of your brand.

So, don’t have your customers break up with you over their bills.  Instead, focus on the “relationship” part of the billing relationship and find out how to engage in meaningful and relevant ways using the most important touch point you have with your customers; the bill, and the richest data set you have; the billing data. Show your customers that you care!

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By: Orla Power, Brite:Bill,