Transforming the way service providers present and manage billing communications

Meaningful customer relationships:
Q&A with BriteBill’s CEO Alan Coleman

Customer Experience Management

We apply user-experience thinking, business thinking, and information design thinking to deliver insightful, highly personalized billing communications.

BriteBill transforms bill presentation across all channels: paper, mobile and responsive web, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

With better billing for both consumer and corporate customers, Service Providers can reduce churn, deflect costly inbound billing queries to the call center, enhance customer satisfaction and create an innovative opportunity to cross/up-sell.

Consumer Billing

Improve engagement and positively affect customer behavior through this one key regular touch-point, the bill.

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Corporate Billing

Lower your cost to serve and improve customer satisfaction with your most valued customers.

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The advantages

Bills have a unique advantage. They are regular, they tend to command attention and they are considered important. It seems incredible that they are not used more to inform customers about other relevant services, options or offers.

With BriteBill you can analyze billing data and make informed decisions about which offers to promote with personalized and targeted messaging. Messages have maximum impact for cross and up-selling on a bill, when they are most contextually relevant for customers.

The Benefits

Our stand out billing solution will ensure major cost reductions, as well as generating new revenue streams

Reduction in Call Center Volumes

Increased Adoption in Self Service

Lower Technical TCO

Increased Customer Retention

Improved Cross/Up Selling

Improved NPS

Mobile Telecoms Billing Research Report

Survey results show it's time to put the "Relationship" back into "Billing Relationship"

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